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2017 Elegant Winery Ladies of Napa Valley Calendar & Planner
2017 Elegant Winery Ladies of Napa Valley Calendar & Planner



Purchase your copy of the 2017 Ladies winemaker calendar. (Calendars are estimated for delivery beginning 12.11.16.)

This calendar is created to keep you organized + goal oriented + inspired.



In the calendar you will view what view 12 iconic ladies of the Napa Valley. Learn what drives these beautiful souls thru the inspiration, lifestyle and successes of the female winemakers & winery owners of the Napa Valley. Cherish your own goals through organized goal setting and journaling section in the calendar*** Includes a positive affirmations of take with you through each day of the calendar year.

10% of calendar sales go to the Vets of the the Napa Valley! Order your calendar now to receive a copy by 12.11.16
(A limited amount of calendars are available)










Written on the back of each calendar: In this calendar, you will view 12 iconic ladies of the Napa Valley. Learn what drives the inspiration, lifestyles and successes of these beautiful female winemakers and winery owners of the Napa Valley. Work toward achieving your own goals and positive lifestyle through organized goal-setting and journaling section included in this calendar. Included are also positive affirmations to help you focus on positivity through each month of the calendar year. I am proud to feature 12 of the most talented ladies of the Napa Valley who all have a vast amount of knowledge, and are highly multi-talented, successful, strong, ambitious, determined and loyal to their loved ones. At the start of my conversations with each of the women in this calendar, I asked them to provide me with background of who they were outside the world of wine. It was these experiences, vast abilities, and talents that created a scene for the photoshoot as if in a movie. Each of the photos was staged with props directly relevant to their personalities and lifestyles. As a female business owner myself, I have learned what’s necessary to have balance, sustenance, inspiration, successes, simplicity and happiness. I hope the offerings included in this calendar and stories of life successes of these women will help you create your own inner balance to help you work toward the lifestyle and successes you desire.

Nicole Marino is a nationally published lifestyle photographer and entrepreneur originally from Boston and now based in Napa Valley, living her dreams as the owner of Bigshot in Winecountry and Nicole M Co. She holds a degree in Business Communications and specializes in capturing inspirational stories that lead to more purposeful lifestyles. Her photography work focuses on personalized branding portraits, local events, lifestyle nature scenes and supporting the local community. The birth of her company Bigshot came after a move crosscountry from Boston to Napa Valley as she began to live the life she felt called to from the mundane. You can follow Nicole’s work and lifestyle business by visiting With more than 15 years as a photographer and entrepreneur, her work has been featured in Vogue, Wine Spectator, South Shore Living, Boston Common, SF Brides, Wine Dogs Book, Daily Candy, the Napa Register, St. Helena Star and Napa Valley Life. Her new brand, Nicole M. Co, offers lifestyle tools to keep you organized, goal-oriented, and inspired.

When I met Anthony “Tony” Mundo, he was headed to his car after church. The priest had asked me if I would help him walk to his car and whispered to me that he was the young age of 97. After a couple weeks of walking Tony to his car, I decided to offer him a ride to and from his home at the Veterans Home only a half mile away, instead of him driving himself. For two years, I would drive Tony to church and we’d go to lunch every Sunday. As the years passed, our visits became treasured moments that you only find with a close family member. Tony had become like a great-grandfather to me. We shared a mutual bond and had enlightening conversations and laughs. There was a sweetness and kindness about him and a smile that would light up a room. His compassion for others was known by everyone he came in contact with. I’m so thankful that I was given the task to walk Tony to his car that day. The rewards were ones that changed my life forever. Tony left a lasting impact on many and always said, “Age is nothing but a number.” He was right you-can do as much as you want in your life and your mindset is the key. Tony was an example of a beautiful soul that needed to give and receive acts of kindness.
– I was at Tony’s bedside when he died at the age of 99 in August 2014. Many will never get to meet Tony, but, there are so many other beautiful lives waiting to be visited with at the local Veteran homes. This relationship with Tony has led to monthly community days at the local veterans home called “engagements.”