jill braverman testimonial photo
 When I decided it was time for new photos for my website, I knew I needed to find a photographer that made me feel totally comfortable, at ease and myself. Nicole fit that bill perfectly.  From the moment I signed up for my Big Shot session, she was friendly, attentive and made me feel beautiful inside and out.  The whole process was so much fun. And I am NOT a person who loves having my picture taken.  In fact, I had been putting it off for years after a few not-so-fun experiences in the past with photographers who did not put me at ease.  When I go my photos back, it was difficult to choose, since there were so many great shots. When I finally chose my new headshot, my friends, family and clients told me they love it. They say it captures me at my absolute best.   I’m so grateful to Nicole for creating a great experience for me on the day of my shoot, and a great image that will last for years to come.  Nicole Marino rocks! 
– Jill Braverman (Health Coach & Yoga Instructor)





Denise and Loni testimonial photo
 “Nicole was so awesome that we got her a room and had her join the wedding party after the photography was done. She is the best.” 
– Loni & Denise (Bride and Groom, SF Wedding )






Nydian Han testimonial photo
Nicole is a tremendous talent on so many levels. She photographed our winery tour of 30 people and did a beautiful job capturing special moments and all the fun.  She’s a joy to have to have along and can fade into the background if you’d like – or become one of your best friends if you’d like – She makes the choice yours! Either way, she is a pleasure to work with and I can’t say enough about her. We love our pictures! Nicole also helped us with all things wedding -related the week leading up to our big day. She is sharp, organized, and resourceful. I honestly do not know what we would have done without her. Not only did she help organize tours, transportation, and guest gift bags – Nicole also helped keep the bride (me) sane! She has a wonderfully calming quality – and she is absolutely lovely and has a heart of gold. You can trust her with any job.
I would recommend Nicole for whatever your needs might be. And by the way, this is coming from a very, very picky client who has the highest standards. I’m a consumer reporter for a television news station – and I’ve seen the best and the worst over the years – Nicole’s one of the best  
                                                                                                                                        – Nydia Han (Reporter/Anchor at WPVI)
Sallie Felton – Pres, Life Coach/Transition Specialist, Int’l Talk Radio Host – Talk Radio & WebTalkRadio, Speaker, #1 BS Author 
“Nicole’s work takes your breath away. Her photography is superb. With a keen eye for detail, anyone would be well worth using her as THEIR photographer.” Sallie Felton
Kimm – Human Resource Mgr. Channel 5-WCVB TV “Nicole’s passion for what she does shows through her photography Her lust of life and surroundings are captured through her 
lenses. Nicole’s personality is just an added extra bonus for anyone seeking to hire her. One of the most refreshing things about Nicole is her imagination and the way she folds that into her photography and life.”