EFT Tapping

 Today we all live in a world of stressing, racing around, and feeling compelled to get it all done.

As a photographer, television show host, and lifestyle coach I know first hand just how it can be. I’ve had to pull out my toolbox and use various bags of tricks throughout the years to help me stay focused, on target, and goal orientated to keep plugging along in the most positive of ways throughout my life. Life can be a race but it doesn’t have to be. One of the tools I’ve found that has help me immensely along the way, is EFT Tapping.

While using it to cure my own migraine, which I might add is usually near to impossible without taking a strong dose of aspirin, I realized I had to put this into practice more often. To my surprise it was helping in many areas of my life. You can read all about EFT tapping and the successful and profound results it has had on its users, but I would encourage you to test it out for yourself. Allow me to help you during our session.

What you’ll find is that through a freeing yourself from the “fright or flight” mechanism that we’re born with which is all too often over used due to flair ups of our own lives stressful moments, we can conquer that mechanism to that is put balance. Awaken a sense of yourself that you found once before and maybe looking for again.

Now a certified EFT tapping practitioner I am offering clients this useful Lifestyle tool for their own life. The “bigshot” life represents so much. Standing in your presence, being you, and crafting the life you want into living your dreams, with that we need tools to help get us there. I find this to be one of the most rewarding of tools to put into action now regardless of the stage you find  yourself at.


Get clear on what you want, what you need, and what’s holding you back.


I teach others how to build inner awareness about themselves to focus on what’s holding them back and how to get clear on what is needed get moving. Tapping is a tool I’ve used that has benefited me and many of my clients.