Each photos has a story but this one takes the cake!  About 3 or 4 weeks ago I read a beautiful story on Twitter about a guy that found the love of his life. Around the time they were to be married the couple were looking at photos of when they were little and although they had never known each other as kids they were some how in each others photos together. The story was so amazing that they were featured on several news segments. I Tweeted the couple congratulating them for such a beautiful meeting and story. It was a story that I hoped would be reflected one day in my “true love” story.  As I’m at burning man weeks later I had planned to connect with a man I conversed with on Tinder. He lived in New Zealand so it wasn’t a relationship thing but rather a means to see his sculpture that he was building at Burning Man. I always like to keep options open so decided I’d follow his lead and plan to meet at his detailed meeting place which was Wednesday at Dusk, 50 feet from the man at 6:00.  So there I was asking every man I spotted “are you Daniel… are you Daniel” no one was claiming to be Daniel. I asked this one guy twice if he was Daniel. He said no but when I realized I had already asked him before if he was Daniel he began to ask me more about who I was looking for. He said, “why don’t you scream his name out” (not my style) and I thought his voice was louder so I said “why don’t you”?! He began screaming out loud “is there a Daniel here” “Anyone named Daniel… this could be the love of your life….”  no one answered although many were staring and smiling at me by this point. I told him thanks so much for trying. I asked if I could take a photo of him since I took a photo of everyone I found to be helpful and provide me with a great story on the Playa (being the journalist I am). In addition to the photo, I provide him with a gift of a photo/positive affirmation card which was my gift on the Playa to everyone. The card also had a link to this page where he could find the photo. I get home to Napa Valley a few days later and get a Facebook request from the guy on Twitter I had talked with about his love story and he messaged me saying” hey so did you ever find Daniel and by the way where can I find my photo from Burning Man…..”… what the hell!?!!! Oh my gosh was he there???… I was confused for a bit… he said “you did say everything happens for a reason and it does… I was the one who you asked twice if I was Daniel…and isn’t it ironic that you congratulated me on my love story and here I was helping you to find your true love on the Playa” – — holy shit! Okay this was too weird I know the Playa brought me many things but this had far and beyond trumped it all. I’m amazed and moved.  Lesson learned… the universe brings you exactly what you need when you need at the right time. I am a peace with this lesson from many I learned on the Playa this year.  Daniel btw was never to be found… and I think it was supposed to be that way! (see the photo above of Jason Roth and read the amazing love story of he and his lovely bride Jess here) – Due to the setting sun and lack of gear in the dusty dessert…the photo came out a bit mystical and dream like almost like the entire story itself.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/08/14/husband-finds-wife-in-preschool-photo_n_5675450.html?utm_hp_ref=tw you can also follow our Tweets here @nicolalilylou