Empowerment comes from a place from within. We all need all the positive encouragement we can get. Today we will live in a world where we are moving at the speed of light and it doesn’t stop there… we’re going from the moment we get up to the moment we go to bed with sometimes no avail in between. So what can we do about that. I’ve brought to you the gifts, lifestyle regime, and offerings to get you back to where you want to be. Many of my clients do find that seeing themselves from a place of happiness and alignment with their future self means a seeing themselves in a proper photo to emulate the way that they feel. As a photographer, entrepreneur and someone that knows herself what is it like to run in a million directions all at once, I’m here to say you can simply, slow down, and re conjure up ways to get you to renewed health happiness that brings out the bigshot lifestyle you have deep within. Cheers to being here and being ready to take that next step to success with with feels right within you! Say it with a photo that speaks to the you that feels like you!



Meet Bonnie – A world traveler, previous Disneyland Career, personal chef to her family, and Life Coach Extraordinaire!