I’ve graduated top of my college class with a degree in Business Communications and have spend over a decade and a half in marketing and photography.  I’ve used my passions in areas of visual communications and pulling the creativity and zest for life out of others in capturing their story both written, visual, and through interview segments as a television host. I’ve had my photos published nationally in many well known publications, and I have learned through life’s lessons and the art of getting people to zen-out and feel within themselves and I became a certified EFT Tapping Specialist. Of course I live in Winecountry so you know I’ve taken many courses at the Napa College in Winemaking and Enology all the while hoping to be inspired and inspire and coach others to live for today and live their “Bigshot life” but despite all that I felt like there was a more of a calling for me…

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BEING A DOCUMENTARIAN – For years I’ve been documenting those around me. I’ve spent 15 years literally watching people and listening to their stories. It’s been something that’s been in my core since an early age. I take it all in. I’ve seen what has made them strong, what trials people have gone through, what poses embody a sense of confidence in them, and I’ve gained footing all the while along the way through their inspiration. I’ve learned yes you can do what you put your mind to. It was a phrase my grandfather had repeated to me over an over again as a child. But it sure felt hard to do sometimes.

ON CONFIDENCE – What I’ve learned is that we are all human. We all require a sense of renewal, someone to believe in us and our worth, a reason to keep plugging along, and sometimes we need a reason to run in pursuit of our dreams. That is why I’m here to coach you in believing in YOU and your life. I’ve learned in my own story that the ups and downs although always feel like the beginning of the end are in reality the beginning of change and growth.

LIVING MY SOULS PURPOSE – I would relish the many moments in my Napa life that allowed me to walk the vineyards capturing many beautiful souls during their shoots. I would also feel a sense of awakening during amazing nights off enjoying gorgeous vineyard nights where we’d taste through several courses of delicious foods and wine under the stars. My life is much what others would only dream to be living but it wasn’t always that way and it proved to have it’s ups and downs that would almost take me down to the core and back again.  About 6 years prior to this very day, I had moved from Boston, Massachusetts. I was living what some would call an ordinary life doing the 9 to 5 in a career that was draining, and soul sucking. I vacationed to Napa one day and thought how come I can’t live this life every day doing more of what a love and what grabs my soul in the best way.

Life in Napa for me had a feeling a sense of ease, a sense of utter happiness that spoke to soul in a way only God would do. So, I did it. I left all that I knew, not knowing a person in Napa and made a new start for myself. Two suitcases and a plane ride later I was in Winecountry living a life that had taken me by complete surprise. I was attending amazing 10 course dinners, shooting for renowned culinary chefs like Thomas Keller, interviewing celebrity and local high profile figures for my very own local television show, I was deemed “one of the most intriguing people in Napa Valley by Napa Valley life Magazine, and also had many photos printed in national publications like Vogue, all the while I was basking in the sun on my days off. But… and this is a huge but… I was living high days and then living struggling days. Life was tricky.  You try your hardest, but life is a balancing act. I learned that yes, I was on the right track but it took a lot to keep me there. I needed what so many of us needed and that was balance!

MY RENEWED LIFESTYLE – Through the shift in my very own lifestyle from the mundane soul sucking life I had once lived to the new life that spoke to my soul, I’ve found some common everyday lifestyle traits that helped get me there, the ones that would knock me over and the ones that would get me there again and keep me there living the life I dreamed.  That’s why I’ve establish a lifestyle coaching program to help those around me to encourage doing what they loved. I want to share what it is I’ve found that helped me to live my best life and the things that caused me to be knocked down so that you won’t make the same mistakes.

WHAT YOU’LL GAIN HERE – I want to share with you the inspirational stories, the ups, the downs, and the ways to get there so you’ll say, “yes! I can do anything I put my mind to.”  You’ll learn to decipher what to set your mind to and NOT have it be everything under the sun like I did for so long.  This coaching will help you can feel good from the inside out not only in front of the camera but in all facets of your life. You’ll hear the 1 positive affirmation that got me through the past 6 years and propelled me to new heights when I never thought I could possibly do it.

I’ve created my company and named it “Bigshot” in salute of being dedicated to helping you rally on as your very own “Bigshot” so you’ll truly be living the lifestyle you want to be living.

We’re all born a “bigshot” to do amazing things in our lives. I’ll be here inspiring you to live your dreams feeling your best you from the inside out.

This is the place for: Inspirational, stories of others that have done it before us, resources, motivating affirmations + photos of your beautiful renewed self.


Cheers to you and your much deserved lifestyle! – Nicole Marino