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Your lifestyle makeover from the inside out. Watch interview segments of inspirational bigshots on Nicole’s channel, read articles, gain tips, resources, inspirational images, and be coached helping you to believe in your beauty both inside and out to live your “bigshot” life. Sign up today with Nicole Marino making these daily secrets part of your daily routine for the bigshot inside of you – live your life dreams.


Lifestyle Photographer & Lifestyle Coach


I started this company as a way to truly help others find what it was inside them that was calling them to a better life… After searching my own life for something more and something that resonated with me I started to see the world in a whole new light.  My journey has taken me on a quest that has unfolded in ways that can help others on their journey. While Photographing my clients for well over 15 years and recently capturing interviews of “bigshots” living their dream I began to see where the common thread was. Do it was it is you do best and what it is that makes you so utterly happy inside. Live the life your born to live as your true “bigshot”.  We all have a dream and something that makes us want to excel at life. Usually that common thread among all of us is doing something worthwhile that makes a difference in the world. If we don’t satisfy this common need it leaves us feeling powerless. Throughout my own life I’ve felt this calling to make a difference. That is why I left the corporate world almost a decade ago to pursue my dream of photography. Today I combine photographing my subjects with inspiring soul fulfilling tips to inspire everyone in living their “bigshot” life.

It’s here where you’ll find tips, traits, inspiring motivators, and shared stories… Glimpses of bigshots that have all done it before. To hear their stories of successes and failures it awakens something within us that we can relate to and be our own best self. We don’t have to do this alone. There are people that have gone through life before wondering where and how to excel at their dreams want more…pushing for more. I’ll be bringing you my finds along the way and ways to get there seamlessly as you’re on this journey through life. Why not live life a “bigshot” and be the best your were born to be!!?! What’s holding you back?…let’s get there together….life is about every changing circumstances setting the foundation for who we become.  – Nicole Marino – Lifestyle Photographer & Lifestyle Coach


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About me

To get to the place where I am today took time. It took perseverance and believing in my dream. For many years I connected with other people with the similar outlook on life. I also connected with Life coaches and other informative individuals that geared me up for what I had set out to achieve. Today I share this type motivation for my viewers connecting them with resources where they can expect positive results.

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What got me thinking about living my dreams…

It took a major change moving from the extreme Eastcoast of Boston, Massachusetts to the far Westcoast of the Napa Valley, California. Something resonated me out here and when you feel compelled or moved to make a big life decision…it’s something inside calling you to explore the options. This I did…. and then I continued to explore. What I found was a multitude of amazing revelations. Please listen to my video and relate it to your own life and how you can be the “bigshot” you were born to be. Start living your dream today and living for what you’ve always dreamed to do and be.